Vintage Adjustable Manual Wooden Metal Hand Grinder

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Manual Coffee Grinder: These fully functional vintage manual hand crank wooden metal grinders are best for grinding coffee beans for you your fresh, home-brewed espresso every time you want it.

Delicate Design: These manual hand-crank grinders have unique, antique styles and exquisite designs that can make your cooking so much more fun with freshly ground ingredients.

Coarseness Adjustable Modes: These adjustable coarseness coffee hand grinders can grind coffee into the various degrees of coarseness depending on the setting. The product can be set accordingly to obtain the desired coarseness of the powder.

Easy to Use & Operate: These manual hand crank coffee grinders are very easy to operate. Simply place the coffee beans into the bowl and turn the handle several times. The ground coffee will then fall into the drawer attached below.

Multipurpose Uses: These beautiful hand grinders can be used for grinding multiple items, herbs, milk, nuts, salts, seeds, pepper, spices, and more. These can surely become your choicest kitchen accessories while preparing food with freshly ground ingredients.