USA warehouse YF-150 Stainless steel Electric Mill crusher grains powder grinder machine pepper Herb grinding machine

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Voltage: 110

Type: Powder Grinders

Type: Blade Coffee Grinders

Power Source: Electric

Power Source: Electric

Power (W): 1.6W

Power: 1600W

Output: 6-10kg

Model Number: Powder Grinders

Model Number: YF-150

Model: YF-150

Housing Material: Stainless Steel

Housing Material: Stainless steel

Certification: CE

Capacity: 500g

Brand Name: capsulcn


                 USA warehouse YF-150 Stainless steel Electric Mill crusher grains powder grinder machine pepper Herb grinding machine

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Model YF-150
Power(kW) 1600W
Weight(kg) 9kg
Fineness 60-300μm
Rotating Speed 28000 r/m
Capacity 500g
Dimension(mm) 190*240*350
Output(kg/h) 6-10kg



This model of the grinder is applicable of herb grinding, health care products grinding, food grinding used in clinic, hospital pharmacy shop, Laboratory and family etc. also it can be used for lady herbal mask. It can grind green bean, rice, wheat, sorghum, corn, chili, soybean, walnut, sesame, jujube, and pepper etc. it only takes half a minute to finish.
This machine is not the only ideal grinder for food and herb but also ideal grinder for pearl, chemical, mineral, soil, grain, coal, and other experimental material.
It only takes one minute to grind kinds of the pellet to powder(30-300meshes), uniform and no-loss.


A fine sieve is incorporated in the machine. 
filter plates available in mesh 10, 20, 40 , 60, 80 100, 120, 150
diameter: 8 mm / 5mm/3mm

Operating method:


Please turn off the power switches before use this machine

1. Open the upper cover( clockwise close, and counterclockwise open).
2. Put the dry herb into the crushing box.
3. Tighten the upper cover.
4. Plug in and open timer switch.
5. When you hear the voice of uniform rolling, that says the herb has been ground into powder.
6. Open the cover and pour out the powder.



1. To keep the user in safe, power must be grounding connected.

2. The processing object must be dried and without oil.

3. Adopts stainless steel crusher slot and blade, which meet the requirement of TCM and GMP.

4. Normally the milling time for herb is 30 seconds, hard materials(before milling need to cut it into pieces)need 1-2 minutes.

5. Working time should be no more than 8 minutes every time, to keep the machine with long working life.

6.No switch on while the cap is open.

7. Carbon brush and blades shall be replaced after long usage.

8. Before using, check the cutter head is fasten or not, the blade rotating is normal or not.