Timemore upgrade Chestnut C2 High quality Aluminum Manual Coffee grinder Stainless steel Burr grinder Mini Coffee milling

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Origin: Mainland China

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: upgrade Chestnut C2

Material: Stainless steel,Aluminum


CN: Shandong

Brand Name: TIMEMORE

Brand Name: TICA

The adjustment knob of C2 grinder has been upgraded to metal material.

Timemore replaces the spring inside the burr group. This spring replacement has no effect on grinding efficiency and consistency of coffee powder thickness

The biggest difference between C3 and C2manual grinder is that C3 has been upgrad-ed with new burr.

The newly designed 38mm S2C 660 burr isapplied to C3 manual grinder.

Better grinding quality and more uniformparticle consistency enable us to obtainbetter coffee flavor cleanliness, rich andbalanced quality and strong body.

If you are looking for a cost-effective andprofessional grinder, C3 will be your priority.

Rotate clocewise for Finer grinding.Rotate anti-clocewise for coarser grinding.
Rotate clockwise to the end, this position is called START POINT
You can refer to the start point to adjust the Coarseness which you prefer.

Product Parameters

Product Name :Timemore Chestnut C2 Coffee Grinder
Size:Body147mm x52mm,Handle 159mm
Weghit: 430g


Q:Why is the coarseness obviously uneven suddenly?

A:First,make sure the top lid above the bearing tight.
If it's loose,try to rotate it anti-clockwise till it's tight.
If it's not solved,contact us for more help.

Q:Why is the scale of the adjuster too loose to adjust the coarseness?

A:Because the spring or the burrs get stuck.Try to hold the body and shake the handle slightly till you hear a click,which means the spring or burrs are loose.
If not,try to unscrew the lid above the bearing and take the whole burr set out.
Clean the burr sets and install them.
We won'ttake responsibity if customers are against these notifications above.