TIMEMORE Store Chestnut C2 Up Manual Coffee Grinder Portable Adjustable Stainless Steel Burr For Kitchen Send Cleaning Brush

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material: stainless steel

feature: portable

Origin: Mainland China

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: ChestnutC2

Material: Plastic,aluminium alloy


Capacity: 25g

CN: Shanghai

Brand Name: TICA

Brand Name: TIMEMORE

Timemore XC Store, Officially designated stores!

The characteristics of Timemore manul burr coffee hand grinder chestnut C2 Update:
1.Minimal design of Body
2.Patterned surface with easy hand grip
3.Adjustable Coarseness Point to Point
4.Unibody Metal body with High precision
5.High Hardness metal Burrs

Notify: Chestnut C1 was upgraded to C2. The bean canister is made of aluminum instead of PP and adjustment knobs of C2 grinder are upgraded to metal material, which is more durable . Order to send cloth bags, cleaning brushes.

Product parameters

NAME: Timemore Manual Grinder Chestnut C2 up
SIZE: Body 147mm*52mm Handle:159mm
MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy+Stainless Steel
CAPACITY: Around 25g Coffee Bean
WEIGHT: Around 430g
COLOR: Black White

Q:Why is the coarseness obviously uneven suddenly?
A:First,make sure the top lid above the bearing tight.
If it's loose,try to rotate it anti-clockwise till it's tight.
If it's not solved,contact us for more help.
Q:Why is the scale of the adjuster too loose to adjust the coarseness?
A:Because the spring or the burrs get stuck.Try to hold the body and shake the handle slightly till you hear a click,which means the spring or burrs are loose.
If not,try to unscrew the lid above the bearing and take the whole burr set out.
Clean the burr sets and install them.
We won'ttake responsibity if customers are against these notifications above.