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Type: Burr Grinders (Flat Wheel)

Size: 7.5cm*20cm

Power display: power level 4 grid display

Power (W): 7.8v

Power: USB

Powder output(g)/min: 5.8g

Powder bin capacity: 100ml

Origin: Mainland China

Origin: Mainland China

Load speed: 72rpm

Load noise: 72-78db

Housing Material: Stainless steel

Filter funnel: Yes

Certification: CB,CE

Brand Name: KEBEIER


Bean bin capacity: 20g

Battery capacity: 1600mAh

The foundation of delicious coffee is broken fresh coffee beans

【QUICK GRINDING】 ric coffee grinder can be used to quickly grind coffee beans, allowing you to enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee in your free time or busy work.

【USB CHARGING WIRELESS COFFEE MACHINE 】You can enjoy fresh coffee at home and outdoor with one touch. The multifunctional all-in-one machine, including advanced folding and crushing, five-step refraction adjustment, battery power display, fingertips and other functions, allows you to enjoy and enjoy coffee during the journey.

【CERAMIC GRINDING CORE】The cone-shaped ceramic grinding core is not easy to generate heat, which reduces the loss of flavor and the off-flavors produced by extraction.

【AUTO STOP】One key to open and close, automatically stop grinding when no beans, simple and convenient operation, allowing you to easily grind coffee beans.

The coffee grinder has a compact size. It is USB charging, can be used for 1 week after charging. Very convenient for you to carry when you go traveling and enjoy aromatic coffee anytime, anywhere.

Product parameters

Battery capacity:1600mAh
Load speed:72rpm
Powder output(g)/min:5.8
Shutdown reverse function:None
Powder bin capacity: 100ml
Bean bin capacity:20g
Power display: power level 4 grid display
Filter funnel: Yes
Load noise: 72-78db
Power: USB


Built in battery drive, without wire connection, can be used at will. It can be charged by mobile phone charger or USB power supply, and the battery power is displayed. It is easy to confirm the margin (for safety, it will not be started during charging)