Hand Coffee Grinder Adjustable Coarseness Ceramic Burr Mill Manual Coffee Grinder Portable Handheld Crank Coffee Bean Grinder Fo

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Origin: Mainland China

Manual coffee grinder with adjustable control to help you obtain fine or coarse coffee powder, ensuring that you have precision and control the thickness of coffee beans when making French filter press, drip coffee, espresso, Turkish brewing, etc. .
Lengthen the stainless steel handle and save effort for grinding beans. No battery, no electricity, a hand-held coffee grinder can help you enjoy a quiet morning without any noise. The grinder is detachable and easy to assemble, which means all parts can be cleaned. Please clean the grinder thoroughly after each use to produce fresh and flavored coffee.

Material: 304 stainless steel, high borosilicate glass
Size: 15X8.2X21.1CM

Packing list:
Manual coffee grinder*1