Coffee Grinder Electric Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Bean Grinder Small Portable Spices Grinding Machine with USB Charging One To

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Electric Coffee Grinder


Bullet Points:
1、Ceramic Core: The electric coffee grinder uses ceramics as the grinding core, and the ceramic inner core is not easy to oxidize, which can reduce the heat generated during the grinding process.
2、Modern Design: The portable coffee grinder has an ergonomic design structure. You can check the grinding status of coffee beans and coffee powder through the upper and lower transparent containers while working.
3、Grinding Settings: The external adjustment ring can adjust the scale ring to the left or right. You can choose 5 kinds of grinding roughness according to your brewing method, and precisely control the roughness of the drip filter, cold brew, French press, and espresso. (Do not turn the adjusting ring while working)
4、Easy to Clean: Due to the design of internal parts, the core of the grinder cannot be soaked or cleaned in water. You can use a soft brush or wet paper towels to remove coffee grounds. Just unscrew the collection box at the bottom of the grinder and rinse with warm water.
5、Lightweight and Portable: The electric grinder occupies a small space and is light in weight(600g), suitable for home, office, business trip, and tourism use. It is very popular among coffee lovers.
A cup of delicious coffee always starts with freshly ground coffee, which will refresh you before you go out for a day. Unlike instant coffee, freshly ground coffee has a strong bean aroma. The portable coffee grinder is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The compact size can be carried with you to brew your favorite delicious fresh coffee at any time. A good choice for coffee lovers.
Color: silver gray
Size: about 22*8cm/8.66*3.15in
Material: 304 stainless steel material + ABS
Bean storage capacity: 35g
Power rating: 15W
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Packing list
1 * Coffee Grinding Machine
1 * Instructions
1 * USB cable