250g Household Coffee Roaster Coffee Beans Roaster Stainless Steel Baking Peanut Machine Seeds Nut Baking Tooled In The Stove

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Voltage (V): 110V

Voltage: 110V,220V 50Hz

Power (W): 40W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: VL-LY466

Housing Material: Aluminum

Certification: CE

Brand Name: HMTX

250g Household Coffee Roaster Coffee Beans Roaster Stainless Steel Baking Peanut Machine Seeds Nut Baking Tooled In The Stove

Feature: 1. Start a simple coffee life - Home roaster:The machine motor speed is 25rpm, which can bake 250g coffee beans in 20 minutes, can also be used for the production of peanuts, cashews, etc. 2. Enjoy the coffee roasting process - Observation window:You can observe the color and shape changes of the beans at any time. The porous stainless steel cylinder allows the flue gas to be smoothly discharged during the baking process, rapidly cooling and removing the soybean hulls. 3. Guaranteed coffee taste - Baking function: Food grade stainless steel forged polished thick drum, has good insulation capacity, but also has conduction, radiation and convection, so that the coffee beans are heated evenly. 4. Save time - Stir the beans in all directions: Add 2 asymmetric stainless steel low pull tabs to the drum, so that each bean can be heated all over the body. 5. Note : The roaster needs to be heated under an alcohol stove and a gas stove. Installation: Fix the motor and the rack by tightening the nut and then connect the cylinder and the motor(The motor\\\'s height should be the same level of its bearing). Operation Instruction a.It can be used over stove.The rotational speed of the dynamo is 25 r/min to ensure the uniformity of roasting. b.Open the cylinder’s lid and turn on the rotating switch.Put in the coffee beans and cover the lid after preheating up to 80 centigrade.Turn on the rotating switch again (it must be turned in reverse) and control the roasting depth through the observation window or by your personal likes or dislikes. c.Do not open the lid by your bare hand(s) and use a towel or something to protect your hand(s) from high temperature after finishing roasting.Put a stainless steel tray beneath the cylinder,start the switch and the goods inside will fall down automatically.Place the coffee beans into a netting basket and mixing can cool swiftly and peel the beans.The machine is used to roast the chestnuts,melon seeds,pine nuts,peanuts and cashew nuts and others needed to roast. Package included: 1x Coffee Roaster 1x Stainless steel stent 1x Stainless steel trays Note: It is used for baking beans and nut proucts, not powder. NO heat supply. you can heat this machine with electric or gas stove, alcohol hurner, or other heating elements.

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