2-in-1 Wet and Dry Stainless Steel Electric Spices and Coffee Bean Grinder with Miller Blades

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Powerful Grinder: These 300W mini electric spices and coffee bean grinders are small, compact, and the most powerful of its kind. They can be used for grinding both wet and dry ingredients.

High-Speed Machine: The strong and powerful miller blades of these electric grinders can grind coarse ground coffee to ultra-fine espresso grind.

Ideal Kitchen Appliance: Our blade coffee grinders are portable and handy, a must-have appliance for every household as they make the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Specifications: These easy-to-use electric coffee grinders come with miller blades and double cup capacity. They are also easy to clean and operate.

Multipurpose Uses: You can use these mini portable electric coffee grinder machines for grinding items like spices and coffee beans. They are suitable for both wet and dry items.