Portable Espresso Machine MINI With Carrier Box Manual Espresso Maker With Rich Thick Crema For Espresso Pods Ground Coffee

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Voltage (V): 110V

Power (W): 0W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: SP-300

Housing Material: Stainless steel

Color: Black

Certification: CE

Brand Name: HMTX

Small and portable. Lightweight, palm-sized, easy to store and carry, you can put it on the side of the backpack when you go out

Simple operation The design is exquisite, the operation is simple and easy to use, you can get a cup of espresso in three minutes

Manually make soft milk foam. The milk is easier to be sent when heated to about 70 degrees.

Capsules and coffee powders are common. Capsules and coffee powders can be used in one machine. It is more convenient to drink homemade coffee outdoors. You only need to bring a few capsules and try more flavored coffee.

Rich in fats. When hot water hits the coffee powder under high pressure, the charming coffee aroma is overflowing, and the thick layer of espresso (espresso, latte, mocha, cappuccino are all based on it) is extracted. The light-colored grease is fascinating

Worry-free cleaning, the whole machine is water-washed, and every part can be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly