Manual Coffee Bean Grinder Stainless Steel Burr Hand Coffee Mill for French Press Espresso Turkish Brew Coffeeware

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Weight: 230g

Size: 1.89 * 7.48 inches

Scope of application: grinding coffee beans

Product Name: manual coffee grinder

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: FV0329

Material: Stainless steel

Grinding core: Ceramic


Capacity: 30g coffee beans


Hand Coffee Grinder Portable Mini Silver Stainless Steel Manual Handmade Adjustable Coffee Bean Burr Grinders Coffee Machine 

✔️BUILT IN ADJUSTABLE GRIND SELECTOR; for 100% precision control to achieve the perfect coarseness for your coffee which will allow you to enjoy different coffee flavors for any desired brewing method; French Press, Espresso, Pour Over, Cold Brew, Turkish, Aero Press, Keurig K Cup, Chemex, Drip, Percolator and more.

✔️CRAFTED WITH EXCELLENCE; premium quality stainless steel and ceramics to meet the highest standard. The conical ceramic burr is tested by our team to last longer than any metal blades. Sleek design. The acrylic container ensures for easy cleaning. All parts are washable.

✔️COMPACT AND PORTABLE; convenient for travel small enough to pack for any coffee adventures. Now you can brew freshly roasted ground coffee beans and enjoy wherever you go, perfect for camping ideal for a quick coffee break; great idea for a gift.

✔️QUIET AND EFFORTLESS; smooth hand cranked operation, say good bye to noisy electric coffee grinders. Grind anytime if it is early morning or late at night when your loved ones are asleep, No need for batteries, power or cord. Easy to use.